Cecil County was the star of a segment on CNN’s Inside Business which aired late last year. Cecil Scene wrote all about the production, which you can read about below. To watch the Inside Business segment, Click Here.  (Watch closely and you’ll see a flyover of MOON Nurseries!)


Sen. Fred Thompson & CNN’s Inside Business showcase Cecil County

Cecil County is a great place to do business, a message and theme that will be spread far and wide as CNN and Inside Business come to Cecil County this summer. “We have been working directly with CNN and their production team to write the script, set site locations and show the best of our County,” said Erika Quesenbery, Marketing Coordinator for CCOED. 

The Inside Business program will feature a five-minute segment on Cecil County as a “rural county going global in a global economy.” Among the featured highlights will be a W.L. Gore & Associates President and CEO Terri Kelly, the Fair Hill Training Center facilities, agricultural industry and various on-site locations, aerial footage and more.

Sen. Fred Thompson, Tenn., will host the program which will be aired on CNN, and also be featured repeatedly over a one month period of time in 15 markets selected by CCOED for repeated airing. After the show, Cecil County will own the rights to the 5-minute program and be able to utilize it as part of the business recruitment package sent out to targeted businesses and shown at various trade shows and events throughout the year.

“We are thrilled that Cecil County was chosen for this program and that the county is being recognized for it’s tremendous potential for businesses looking for an available, qualified workforce, excellent access to transportation and available land and buildings to accommodate their needs,” said Vernon Thompson, CCOED Executive Director. “With BRAC-impacted businesses beginning to look at our area already the timing of such a piece is truly beneficial to our county,” he added.

The 5-minute Cecil County feature will air as part of the 30-minute Inside Business feature and is scheduled to go into post-production in August and air in September or October, with CCOED to be notified of run dates in future.

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